Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Reads Part 1

For some reason, I decided that this year my summer reads would not be fiction. Somehow all of the books I wanted to read, and actually checked out of the library, are “educational” (I count biographies in this category as well).

And I love my choices!!

So here’s what’s in my beach bag:


How the States got their Shapes

By: Mark Stein

U.S. History was one of my favorite classes in High School. Yes my AP History teacher is now in jail for being a drug dealer, but I digress. There was so much information to learn, it was heard enough to fit it all in by Friday May 9th. I still remember the date of our AP test. It was and forever will be engraved in my brain. Anyway, because of what I already knew, and my hidden dorky passion for history, I can tell this book will absolutely change your life.

I am only on Delaware – it’s written in alphabetical state order – and my brain is so happy. The book is about what you think it should be about – why borders of states are where they are. It’s interesting, insightful, and perhaps preparing me for my stint on Jeopardy! Just kidding, but I do feel smarter :)



Barbie and Ruth: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her

By: Robin Gerber

So I haven’t read this one yet – I’m saving it for the shores of Smith Mountain Lake. But it looks like a fun read!

I still have every single one of my Barbies and a tub of clothes and accessories. I remember playing with my Barbies in my basement play room for hours on end. I had the Barbie Camper, so my Barbies always went camping in their pink and glittery RV. It was by far my favorite Barbie toy. Barbie dreamhouses were very expensive, but my dad got me a knock off dreamhouse for Christmas one year. You would have thought my dad gave me a lifetime of puppies. I played with that house until we moved, and I guess I outgrew it. But as I’m writing this, I want to run down to the closet next to the laundry room and start an all-night Barbie camping trip.

Hopefully this book won’t Cloud my view of my perfect Barbies.




  Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584-2069

  By: William Strauss and Neil Howe

  Come on, does this one really need an explanation? First of all, this book is about 4 inches thick. So much knowledge to impart! But in all seriousness, generations have greatly intrigued me and this book goes farther back in history than just the living generations (which is very difficult to find research on) and even speculates what future generations will be like. This will be a book to read along with a highlighter. I can tell this book will be a staple on my bookshelf until it disintegrates.

If I do in fact decide to pursue a Ph. D., I know my research will center on some facet of generational characteristics and diversity. Just in case you wanted to know :)


Well simply because I’m too tired to type any more, consider this the first installment of my beach bag summer reads. Check back later for the rest!

P.S. Vacation in 3 days!