Sunday, January 16, 2011

A week of crazy emotional highs and lows


First the student in the ICU. :(

Than Baby Kai :)

Than an amazing Friday night out :)

Than the Ravens didn’t win :(

Than Ben and I went on a wine tour of Northeast PA. :)

My brain is so confused.

But starting on a high note, Meredith, Ben and I went out Friday night to Calamari’s. For my Towson folks – it was like a combination of Nobles and Rec Room. Super relaxed. Not over packed. Fun.

We met up a few of Ben’s friends, and had a fantastic night. Really, it was perfect. After a rough week, it was just what I needed.

Meet Ben.


Meet John. And please ignore my double chin.


Saturday was the long awaited Ravens/Steelers game. The game started with the best of intentions. Meredith and I watched the game together. Bekah and Eric were out of town.

We drew up a contract. Yes, a legally binding contract.


It’s a giant post-it. We displayed it on the wall for the entirety of the game. True story.


The first half of game I was feeling ok. Those who know me, know that I don’t do very well with stress. Once Ray Rice screwed up and fumbled, the Steelers found their groove. I was a wreck. At one point, Meredith asked if she needed to take my fork away from me. I’m not sure if she was fearful for her safety or mine.

My heart broke apart when I knew we lost the game. Meredith was careful not to be too excited, which was polite, but I would have been ok with her celebrating. As I was getting up to leave, I did crack a smile.

Meredith: Are you ok?

JB: I need to process this.

Meredith: You are so Res Life.

When I’m sad, I write letters. So here’s my letter to the Ravens:

Dear Ray Ray and Company,

You are one of the only things that reminds me of home while I’m here in Erie. Seeing you every Sunday doesn’t make me feel so far from friends and family. But now, you really screwed that up. I hope you know you broke me heart tonight. And now I’m on my own to make myself feel at home in a place that is not. Thanks a lot. Enjoy watching the Super Bowl from your couch.



And to close out the Ravens game, I leave you with the words of Ryan Turner.

“Welp, Go O’s!”

So true Ryan.


Well Sunday did offer a glimmer of happiness. Ben and I had talked on Friday night about visiting a few wineries on Sunday, and we made it happen.

We visited (let’s see if I can remember them) Penn Shore, Mazza, and Arrowhead. We met some great people, too. The owner of Penn Shore was telling us about his family. His son is a musician in Hollywood, and will make it big. I already forgot his name. Whoops.


We tried a warm apple wine at Mazza. Big mistake. Not for us.


After Mazza, we headed to lunch at a small-town Italian place. We were the only people there. It felt like we were in a horror movie. Fun times, but still a little creepy.


After lunch we visited Arrowhead and then decided to call it a day. Really, so much has happened this past week. I’m glad that it ended on a positive note.