Saturday, August 28, 2010



The weather has been absolutely amazing here the past week. Sunny, slight breeze, middle to high 70s. Seriously perfect. It was quite an eventful week. I’ve had about 9 to 12 student conduct meetings each day. My RAs are really diligent, haha.

I went and found the Erie County Library one day after work. I was so excited. As soon as I walked in, I went up to the counter and just like a six year old would do, proclaimed, “I’m here to get a library card!” The lady at the counter wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as myself, but five minutes later I had my ticket to the most beautiful library I have ever seen. (I didn’t have my camera, so pictures will come soon!) The library sits right on the lake. On the lake! All of the study and reading rooms are framed with giant floor to ceiling windows looking out over the water. I was so happy :) I couldn’t even carry all of the books that I wanted. Next time, I need to go in with a reusable shopping bag.

Two nights ago, Bekah, Eric and I went to the Crawford County Fair. It was so much fun. Rides, food, vendors, and animals! I was in heaven with to cows, goats, pigs and horses. It reminded me so much of home. No, not Perry Hall, but Howard County, the home that really shaped me. It was a really cool night – it was barely pushing 60 degrees. Still – perfect Fair weather. After we walked around, we made our way to the Darius Rucker concert! We listened to Kellie Pickler as we were walking around the fair. We decided we didn’t need to see her, we could just listen.

What a great concert. Bekah and I were screaming – I mean singing – along with every song. Even a few Hootie throwbacks! That was exciting. It was a really great night.

Then Friday I was off! Woo! I found me new favorite place in Erie – the Coventina Day Spa. AHHHHMAZING. Really, I know I will be a frequent customer. Its a restored and remodeled mansion sitting in the woods. There is a pool that you can use in the summer if you were a customer that day. They sell a ton of Vera Bradley in one of the waiting rooms. I think this is what my heaven looks like – a spa and Vera.

After the Spa, I went to Best Buy to see if season 3 of Chuck had come out yet and walked out with an iPhone. The sales guy played lacrosse at Towson University. So I couldn’t walk away, right? Oh, and Chuck hasn’t come out yet. Loving my iPhone, though!

Today was just a cleaning, laundry and ironing kind of day. Errands and relaxing tomorrow. Week two with students starts Monday and then Labor Day weekend!! Stoked about having a few visitors…don’t let me down you two!

And because I haven’t finished my before and after tour of the apartment, here’s my bedroom.











Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza and Pop

So this isn't a terribly exciting post, but it's all the energy I have.

Here is new vocabulary that I have learned here.

Pop = Soda. No one says soda. RA programs usually have pizza and pop. This is really taking some getting used to.
Nebby = Nosey. One of my RAs apologized for being a nebby and I looked at him very strangely. Apparently I'm weird because I don't say it, haha.

Community Standards = Policies. Policies is a word we do not use. Everything is a standard. All judicial meetings are CS meetings. The past 3 days I have been a CS machine thanks to my incredibly diligent RAs.

Rubber bands = gum bands. I don't think I'm converting on this one.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If I learn more I'll be sure to pass them along :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Sunday Randomness


I won $40 today on a scratch off ticket today. I was grocery shopping, and the machine was at the door, so I thought I’d give my luck a try.


My Vera has a home now.



Happy Sunday.

Just a Few Randoms


IMG_1762 IMG_1781
IMG_1795 IMG_1759




IMG_1661 IMG_1671