Saturday, February 12, 2011

This one time at the Arboretum

Something that instantly puts me in a good mood is looking through the pictures of Craig, Alex and I’s trip to the Arboretum.

A while ago, Craig commented on the photos. Every time I read them I cry laughing so hard.

So, because it’s crazy cold here and I’ve been thinking about my Towson peeps lately, I thought I would introduce the world to Craig’s Pulitzer-prize winning photo story “A Stroll in Gardens, Bloomed”.


1 I didn’t want to say anything, but i think something has come between you and Jenna.

2 Alex asked me to marry him while this was taken.

3 At first i wanted to jump away.

4 But i took his hand and told him "yes. yes. one thousand times yes."

5 I jumped into his arms.

imageI asked him to jump, and when he did, he pooped out a man.

image Jenna gave us an anti-gravity device as a wedding gift.

image Here we come.

image My feet may not touch such unholy ground.

image Practice for the ice skating championship.

image Alex hires a spy because he suspects his hub is cheating.

image The spy takes these pictures in an attempt to prove the adultery.

image The husband and the other woman catch the spy.

image The spy said "if you don't stop smiling I'm gonna tell on you" and Jenna did that face that you do when you are mocking a tormentor who made a threat you do not take seriously.

image Then we tried to attack the spy with weirdness. We are the weird staff after all.

image Craig gives up and leaves. Jenna seduces the spy.

I can never read through these with a straight face. Hope they made you smile!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Steelers Love

Came home from Pittsburgh to this on my apartment door.

My Hall Council President thinks she’s so funny.


Not only did the Steelers lose the big game, but I made her take it down on Monday.

Sure did make me laugh!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I went to Pittsburgh this weekend

I went to Pittsburgh this past weekend to celebrate Meredith’s birthday with her sister and friends. As the weekend approached, I found out that the birthday celebration was going to include me as well! What great people they are :)

The weekend started with an itinerary from Courtney and Justin. It was absolutely hysterical. I knew I would totally get along with them.

 Page 1  

Page 2

Page 3So this was my introduction to Pittsburgh. Here is the illustrated version.

As soon as we got to Courtney and Justin’s, there were presents! I got a poncho, skittles, Steelers stuff (ick) and a scratch off lottery ticket! It was so thoughtful.


Of course, Meredith had to try on her poncho.

Meredith and Jenna

Justin Mere Jenna Michelle

The next day we painted the town! Meredith and I rode the ‘T’ for the first time.

T Ride

Waiting for the T

I was instantly welcomed :)


We went to Primanti’s for lunch. A Pittsburgh staple. Cole slaw and french fries on the sandwich. Courtney and I shared a whole sandwich.



 Mere and Jenna

After lunch, we went ice skating! I forgot how much I like to skate. It was so much fun!

group ice skating-1

Court Mere Jenna Skating

After skating, we walked around rainy Pittsburgh. I saw the theatres and the Pirate’s Stadium. It was beautiful. Can’t wait for baseball season to start. We got back on the ‘T’, walked back to the house and took naps. Then we walked to church. Mass was mass. We prayed for the Steelers. And the Packers. And the fans. And the priest because it was his birthday. After mass we walked to Slapshots – where we would be celebrating our birthdays!

As soon as we walked in, the bartender gave us birthday shots. Then ensued 6 hours of meeting new people, dancing, drinking, and fun, fun, fun :)





Court and Jenna

  Crazy friends   Jenna and the Straubs Justin and Jenna  M and J at Bar   Michael Jenna Justin Michelle Jenna Meredith     

And that was my weekend in Pittsburgh. It rocked :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


In a very strange mood today. I needed a little wisdom, myself.

image Via Kando