Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I’m supposed to be here.

I believe in signs.

There is no arguing that Erie is meant for me.

My lucky number/softball number is 23. It’s also my mom’s birthday. The key code for my apartment is 23J.

I love the water, and as of right now, I love the snow. Both make me happy. What could be better than a Res Life job on a gorgeous lake with the promise of snow?

My birthday is January 30th. I am an Aquarius. I live on Aquarius Drive.

Being new I don’t know where anything is located. Everyone is very friendly here, so I knew I could ask anyone, but one has quickly become my go-to person. My first friend here, Sheryl has turned into my fairy Godmother. (Thanks for the reference, Meg). Sheryl is the manager of the University Store. When I bought my first Penn State shirt, I met her. She is from Baltimore. Sheryl used to teach in Baltimore City. Anytime I’ve had a question about anything, I go to her first. I needed to find a bank. I asked her. I needed to find Walmart. I asked her. Each time I walk by the store, we wave, and she says, “Have a nice day, Sweetie.”

And now the infamous Raccoon story. I have always felt a strong connection to raccoons. My grandmother lived in the mountains, so I grew up around them. I then associated raccoons with my grandmother and after she died, I knew if I ever got a tattoo it would be of a raccoon. It means home and family to me. I can’t explain it other than to say it offers me a source of comfort.

Here’s the punchline: Erie means raccoon.

Take a second to process that one.





Erie is named after the Iroquois Indians who once occupied the area. In their language, Erie means raccoon. When I first read that I started crying.

Is it a coincidence that I’m here? Fate?

It’s destiny.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I survived

I have been here for 10 days. In those 10 days, I have survived two tornados. Yes, you read that right. Summer storms here rival those in the midwest. The first tornado was when Mom was still here. Black sky, crazy winds, lightning like I’ve never heard before.

The second tornado was a few days after Mom left. I’ve heard the term “raining buckets” before, but I honestly think there was an army of men standing on my roof pouring buckets of water onto the ground.



This is Lake Blair.








What I learned this weekend about Erie

I bought my first Erie Times-News on Sunday. As a Journalism major in college, I have a strong interest in newspapers and television news. As dorky as it sounds, I was excited to pick up a paper to see what the news culture was in Erie, Pa.

I learned that there is a wild herd of voracious pigs that might soon affect local crops.

In the neighboring town, Conneaut (cone-E-aht) Lake, the Blue Streak Roller Coaster is in 15th place for the Pepsi Refresh Project. (Perhaps you’ve seen commercials for this program). Only the top 10 are funded. I missed my chance to vote.

The word search and crossword puzzles are in English and Spanish.

The political race is hot this year.

What did you learn this weekend?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Comment about comments

I will be publishing this blog as a book when my first year at Penn State is over. The blog-to-book program I am using allows me to include comments in the book as well. That being said, I would really like if you would leave comments here instead of on Facebook. Just click on the comment link after the post you wish to comment about. I would love to remember what you had to say!


I'm here

I made it.

I'm in Erie.

No internet til later this week, so here are a few pictures to hold you over :)

This is Perry Hall. One of the buildings I supervise.
This is Senat Hall, which I supervise and where I live.
This is my patio before landscaping. Left window is my bedroom, french doors are my living room, and right double windows are my study.

Pictures of my apartment will come later :)