Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catch 22

I love that my life is busy.

I hate that I don’t get to blog because of it.

I really need to try to get better at blogging this year. Please help me stay motivated.

More crazy students means more bad moods for JB. I had a talk with my Dad, and my outlook for 2011 and perhaps further has been changed. I realize the beauty of my job is that I get to help pick up the pieces when a student’s life breaks. With everything I’ve dealt with this year so far, I realized that none of the situations are my fault. I did not cause them. I can, however, try to set my students on a new path. A path they might not have envisioned at the beginning of the year, but that is necessary for them to move on.

I’m slowly becoming ok with this new outlook. I still question, but also realize everything happens for a reason and I’m learning so much more than I ever bargained for.

Last week, Behrend participated in the 1st (hopefully) Annual MLK Bright Futures Fair. It very much resembled its cousin, the Towson University Majors Fair. It was extremely stressful to plan, but I thought it was a huge success. Special thanks to Meredith and Bekah for supporting me and holding down the fort at the Student Life and Engineering boards :)


Saturday was the Leadership Conference at the Bayfront Convention Center.


I also learned a lot about Ice Fishing. Let me enlighten you.


This is the view from the skywalk at the Convention Center. This is frozen Lake Erie. All of those little boxes on the ice? Those are tents for ice fishermen.

IMG_0792 There are stairs under that silo shaped tower that walk right out onto the lake. Crazy. I would try it though. The above picture is looking North.

IMG_0796 This is looking South.

I presented on True Colors. I had so much fun. The students really got into each discussion and I’ve already had a few requests to do the same workshop for a few campus organizations. Very exciting.

After the conference, I headed to Meredith’s to continue our West Wing marathon! I mean, we just started season 2, but it’s SO GOOD. I can’t believe I never watched it when it was on TV. When dinnertime came around, the only natural thing to have was Mac and Cheese. However, Meredith only had one pot, and our Mac and Cheeses cannot mix.

I actually walked home to get a pot and my Toy Story mac and cheese, while Meredith started her cheddar explosion mac and cheese. Yea, this actually happened.

IMG_0800 Can you guess which pot is mine?



Meredith likes to call this one the “action shot”. I believe the action was cooling off a macaroni to make sure it was done. Oh, how crazy our Saturday nights are!


IMG_0812 Sunday I ran errands in 9 degree weather. Without the windchill. Walking home Saturday night it was –22 with the windchill. Officially the coldest weather I ever experienced.

And of course, a picture of my little nephew :)


5 days til 25!