Friday, December 17, 2010

Stocking Gifts

We each have stockings at work.


We each put a $1 gift in each others stocking, then on the last day of the semester, we have lunch and open our gifts together.

I have a candy dish on the the bookshelf in my office. It’s pretty much the community candy dish – best for those 3 p.m. slumps. I love that my coworkers visit my office. They say hi, take a starburst, and walk out – and I love it.

Well, as I was thinking of what to put in the stockings, I was really getting the “Christmas Craft Itch”. I desperately wanted to make something, but $1 was quite the roadblock. I was sitting in my office one day and looked at my candy dish and decided that I would buy everyone their own candy dish and paint fun things on them.

What do you think?









The lottery and accessories

At my staff meeting the other day, we were going around the table sharing our weekly highs and lows. The following is a transcript of what transpired.

RA 1: My high is that RA 3 got me scratch offs for my birthday. I’ve never done a scratch off before! It was great! I loved it! I didn’t win anything, but it was the best birthday gift ever!

Me: Not to rain on your parade RA 1, but I actually won money on a scratch off this week. I won $75! That’s my high.

RA 2: Well, Jenna, not to rain on your parade, but on my 18th birthday I won $500 on a scratch off. That can be my high today.

RA 3: I totally win, guys, a few years ago I picked the numbers for my dad to play in the lottery, and we won $5,000! Just remembering that can be my high today.

Looking at the remaining 2 RAs who haven’t shared yet…

RA 4: I’ve never won anything… RA 5, what about you?

RA 5: Well…. My family won the green card lottery so I got to move to America. (said with a completely straight face).

Me: RA 5, you totally win.


Conversation during the Ravens MNF game.

Meredith: I don’t think I would really like camping.

Me: I love camping!

Meredith: Blankly stares at me

Me: Alright, why do you think I wouldn’t like camping?

Meredith: Jenna, it’s 11:00 at night and you are still wearing accessories.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Do you remember when we thought that was a good nickname for you, Meg?

I think I prefer Meg.

It’s always interesting to think how friendships start. Meg and I met in Richmond Hall in 2004. The first conversation we ever had was on the floor of my room, 503, talking about our upcoming RA interviews.



We then went on to be RAs on different sides of campus. We went through a bit of separation anxiety, so we had sleepovers often.


We would meet under the Lecture Hall so one of us didn’t have to walk the whole way alone – in the dark – on a sometimes creepy campus.

We celebrated our 21st birthdays.


We would go sledding at the Hampton Mansion. And if we didn’t have a sled, we borrowed a little kid’s who was there. No kidding.



Went to 63 different conferences.


We did yoga in the HRL office.



After we graduated, I was in Meg’s wedding. We now live 7 hours apart. We Skype every Tuesday. And now as Meg is ready to have her first baby, I’m getting excited about being Auntie Jenna.


Meg and I were reminiscing about our college days, and we laughed very hard. I’m talking deep belly laughs that lead to tears. I thought I’d include a few memories here.

Keeping in mind these are Facebook wall posts back and forth. Dating back to 2006ish.


Meg: you're such an alcoholic jenna. is that your first selfish thought? i say "secret plan" and you say "alcohol"? why does it have to been about you and your addictions?


Me: oh I ever NOT have stories? – still so very true


how could you answer back? how could you!?! you are so in trouble. you're on PROBATION


Meg: Jenna, if you don't talk to me soon i will photoshop your face onto milkcartons and put out an amber alert. i'm serious.


Meg: it's okay jb, i would probably have sneezed, bit my tongue, started gushing blood, tripped and fallen on my way running to the bathroom, passed out (because we both know i would hit my head whilst falling), and been found unconscious, covered in blood. lol.

remember, you are never alone in the world of clumsy accidents. even in that respect you and i are bonded for life--like penguins.

Me: It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.

In present day, we were trying to figure out what this conversation was about. Here is our exchange about it:

Me: I’m guessing that was when I feel down the Tower A hill.

Meg: Or when you broke your toe…one of those 3000 times.

Me: Where did we come up with these crazy conversations?

Meg: We were most likely overly tired, behind on sleep, slightly wine drunk, and too busy with all the jobs we used to have to think straight.


Meg:  dear jenna:
i know your road has been a little rough lately. by "a little" i mean herculean task type road where boulders the size of small whales seem to crash down upon you whenever you make even the slightest centimeter of distance forward (i suppose technically every centimeter is the same size, but you get my point)...what I'm trying to say is that i noticed it was a full moon tonight, so do you want to uh...make out or something?

I should now tell the story of the full moon. Meg and I were walking on campus one night – it had to be sophomore year and it was a giant full moon. I said something like, “wow, that’s beautiful! I feel like we need to remember this.” To which Meg responded, “Yea, like, do you want to make out or something?”. We laughed, and no we did not make out, haha.

Marc Bell would probably have a different ending to this story, but in actuality, it’s something we joke about to this day, every time there is a full moon. It’s almost a race to see who texts who first about the moon. I even told Kail that even though he was married to Meg, he could never take the full moons away from me. True story.


We loved The Hills. We used to watch it in my room in Scarborough.

Meg: I thought we could invite Bordy and Monica.

Bordy would be our wine of choice.


Meg spent the summer in Seattle.

Me: so i miss you. a lot. Please come back. I will start baking garlic bread today and start wafting to smell towards Seattle. Maybe that will entice you to come back.
Haha, have you ever heard of a more evil plan? I bet not.


So as we processed this trip down memory lane, I was telling Meg about the expected snowstorm this week.

Meg: I'll send Waffles up with a sled, some wine and a shovel should you need it

Me: You know me so well - alcohol, fun and a puppy. I think you just summarized my life's dream.


Then Meg rounded out the conversation with this one:

PS: I read your blog and your new friends look very nice, but i just sorta need you to let them know that you were mine first and so they can like you and everything but Jaime, Monica, Jen, Lauren and about ten thousand other people plus me have called dibs already in the best friend category. Then again, of everyone I know, you could probably have  10,007 best friends, so carry on, lol.

Thanks for letting me blog about this Meg – I love you!